MAY 2013
Topic: Personality & Personality Traits

Learning Objectives:
· To make a clear understanding about personality traits
· To make students aware of the fact that Organizations are full of diversity
· Enabling the students to identify the different traits possible in personality to better cope up with them.

Scenario Number 1:
Aric International has been a leading Advertising company. The organization enjoys talented people working in, out of which a team of 5 people have brought the greatest achievements to Aric Int. for the past 2 years. Aric has hired you as a Researcher to study those 5 people in-depth to understand the traits they possess. This would certainly help Aric Int. in future to recruit the right people for the right job. The findings
that Aric has to provide you in the beginning are as follows; Ali; the Creative Executive Ali deals with the creativity of the Ads. His imaginative power has been spotted to be beyond boundaries. The common words about him were that he is very creative, flexible & a person who is always ready to learn something new.
Shahid; the PR specialist Shahid deals with the social contacts of the company. He has been a networking
machine for Aric Int. for 2 years. Colleagues say that he has extraordinary interpersonal skills, a great social network & stays emotionally expressive always.
Akram; the Idea Generator The new ideas Aric Int. brings out in every Ad is because of Akram's positive energy of thoughts. He is normally found to be an optimistic person with positive thoughts, less
stress & no hyper attitude. He claims that staying positive is one of the main reasons for the generation of great ideas. Imran; the Planner Imran is the member who has the responsibility to plan properly in order to prevent poor performance. He has been seen as a person with great organized life, planned motives & a work life full of discipline. Many people had been found calming that they depend upon Imran a lot in their daily routine work. Zia; the Team Lead The teams of 5 people do get panic at time, & it has been seen that the Leader Zia always brings a common point for all to agree upon. He was found to be trust worthy,
cooperative & good-natured. Requirement Number 1: Marks: 2x5=10
After going through the scenario & recalling the traits discussed in the Big Five Personality Model, what do you think which trait out of the 5 each person possess individually.

Note: The first column requires to be filled with the traits each person has & the other column has to be
filled with the valid reasons you found from the scenario for that specific trait.
Individuals Traits Justification from the Scenario

Scenario Number 2:
After 2 years of immense success & joy, Aric Int. has observed a gradual decline in its financial resources. Due to this fact, the organization has proposed “Salary Cutting” plan, less training cost & more working hours per day. Along with all this, the organization still wishes to remain competitive in market. The five people Ali, Akram, Shahid, Imran & Zia have already proven their loyalty towards Aric Int. as the organization also has great confidence in its employees.

Requirement Number 2: Marks: 5x2=10

Note: REMEMBER Students, the Traits of 5 people discussed in Scenario number 1& answer accordingly. Keep your answer’s with in the limit of 50 to 70 words per answer.
Keeping in mind the Traits of each individual you have sorted out in the last requirement, answer the following;
1. Which person out of those five would be most hopeful in such critical situation, while maintaining his dignity by staying cool & calm? Justify your answer with logics you have found from the scenario number 1. Marks: 5

2. Which person out of the five would be most willing to accept the proposed plan
of “Salary Cutting”, instead of rising conflict among employees? Justify your
answer from the logics you have found from the scenario number 1. Marks: 5

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Students having same subject must participate pls............

The Big Five Model of Personality
Personality is typically described in terms of traits. Atrait is a specific component of a personality that
describes the particular tendencies a person has to feel, think, and act in a certain way. Thus, an individual’s
personality is a collection of traits, thought to be organized hierarchically. The Big Fivemodel of personality
places five general personality dimensions at the top of this hierarchy—extroversion, neuroticism,
agreeableness, conscientiousness,and openness to experience
1. Extroversion
Refers to the tendency to be sociable, friendly, and expressive. Extraversion, or positive affectivity, is
one of the Big Five personality traits, and describes the predisposition of individuals to experience positive
emotional states and feel good about themselves and the world. Extroverts are more sociable, affectionate, and
friendly than introverts and experience higher levels of job satisfaction.
2. Emotional Stability
Refers to the tendency to experience positive emotional states. Another Big Five trait, neuroticism, or
negative affectivity, refers to people’s dispositions to experience negative emotional states, feel distressed,
and view the world around them negatively. They may play devil’s advocate in an organization, pointing out 

problems with a proposed course of action. Individuals high on neuroticism often experience negative moods,
feel stressed, and have a negative orientation at work. They are more critical of their own performance, a
tendency that drives them to make improvements and excel in critical thinking and evaluation. In group
decision making, these individuals exert a sobering influence by pointing out the negative aspects of a
3. Agreeableness
Being courteous, forgiving, tolerant, trusting, and self-hearted. Agreeablenessis a Big Five trait capturing
the distinction between individuals who get along well withothers and those who do not. Individuals high in
agreeableness are caring, affectionate, and likable, whereas individuals low in this dimension are antagonistic,
mistrustful, unsympathetic, and uncooperative. Agreeableness is likely to contribute to being a team player
and is helpful in fostering good working relationships.
4. Conscientiousness
Is exhibited by those who are described as
dependable, organized, and responsible.
The Big Five trait of conscientiousness
refers to the extent to which an individual
is careful, scrupulous, and persevering.
Individuals high on this dimension are
organized and self-disciplined, whereas
individuals low in conscientiousness may
lack direction and self-discipline.
Conscientiousness has been found to be a
good predictor of performance in many
jobs in a wide variety of organizations.
5. Openness to Experience
Reflects the extent to which an individual has broad interests and is willing to be a risk-taker. Openness
to experience is a trait that refers to the extent towhich an individual is original, is open to a wide
variety of stimuli, has broad interests, and is willing to take risks, rather than being narrow-minded or
cautious. For openness to experience to be translated into creative and innovative behavior in
organizations, the organization must remove obstacles to innovation.

siso good ho geya but asa karo requirement k according thora precise form may apna idea share karo in ur own words jo bhi samajh aya ta k idea mil jae zra

baqi mai a k dekhta hu 

Interesting but not easy...... 


Personality Trait



Activity Level







Openness to experience

Artistic Interests



Scenario No.1 (Answer)



Justification from the Scenario


Openness to Experience

He is very creative, flexible & a person who is always ready to learn something new.



He has extraordinary interpersonal skills, a great social network.


Positive Stability

Akram’s positive energy of thoughts. He claims that staying positive is one of the main causes for the generation of great ideas.



 He has the responsibility to plan accurately in order to put off poor performance.



He was found to be trust worthy, accommodating and good natured.

Scenario No. 2 (Answer)


  1. 1.      Openness to Experience:

This type of personality persons have many qualities like, creative, innovative, complication remover and face challenges. These qualities are very profitable in the organization. We can also say that the creativity is a guarantee of success in any organization in the world.


  1. 2.      Extroversion:

These persons have well-mannered, tolerant, trusting and very venerable excellence is that they dissimilarity between individuals who get along well without others. In simple words they are the champions and they are winning player in everywhere in the organizations.


  1. 3.      Positive Stability:

A person who can handle all the critical issues with their positive energy of thoughts. He is normally found to be a confident person with positive thought, less pressure and no hyper attitude. He claims that staying positive is one of the main reasons for the creation of great ideas.


  1. 4.      Conscientiousness:

We can say about this kind of personality that who are dependable, expressed, organized and responsible to planned motives and a work life full discipline. They are also neatness, carefulness and fussiness.


  1. 5.      Agreeableness:

They are leaders who inspire others with their good nature and friendliness. They are cooperative, trust worthy and accommodated.


Question No.1



Akram is most hopeful in such critical situation while maintaining his dignity by staying cool & calm because he found to be an optimistic person with positive thoughts, less stress and no hyper attitude. He claims that staying positive is one of the main reasons for the generation of great ideas.


Question No. 2



Imran is most willing to accept the proposed plan of salary cutting, because he has the responsibility to plan proper in order to poor performance. 

yr scenario 1 m just table banana h or kch n krna h har point ko alag define n krna bs 5 points table m likhne he har point k 2 2 no he or scenario 2 jo h usm two questions he or wo dono 5 5 marks k he so scenario 1 m table banane k bad ap log scenario 2 likh k har point ko mazed jo define kr r ho wo ghalat h scenario 2 m just do questions he 

Scenario Number 1:

After  going  through  the  scenario    &  recalling  the  traits  discussed  in  the  Big  Five Personality  Model,  what  do  you  think  which  trait  out  of  the  5  each  person  possess individually.



Justification from the scenario


Openness to Experience

The trait of Openness to Experience represents being original, risk taker and is open to creative and new things. Ali is found to have this trait because he is creative and has an out the box thinking. His imaginative capability knows no bounds. He is never afraid of trying new and creative ideas. 



Being an extrovert means being social, welcoming, expressive in behavior and pleasant. Such people feel excellent about themselves and everybody else around. They are friendly and remain satisfied with their job. Shahid is an extrovert because he is an expert in making networks and contacts. He has great interpersonal skills and emotional expressions; and knows how to interact with people successfully.


Emotional Stability

Emotional stability represents the inclination towards experiencing optimistic and positiveemotional states. Akram is emotionally stable because he is an optimistic person, no hyper approach and takes less pressure. He is the one on whom the generation of new ideas for advertising of the company are based. He believes that positive emotional attitude allows the generation of new ideas.




 The trait of conscientiousness refers to those people who are well organized, well disciplined, trustworthy, responsible and reliable. Conscientiousness leads to good job performance. Imran is a conscientious person because he has disciplined work life, has well thought out motives and an organized and structured life. He is considered as a dependable person in the company by many employees.



This trait of Agreeableness presents being patient, forgiving, sympathetic, polite, and considerate; and trusting others for whatever they are. Such people are caring, are liked by others and so they have great capacity to become team leaders and creating fine bond among the team members. Zia, the leader, is a person with this trait because he is the one who makes the team members agree on one point whenever there is a conflict. He is a supportive, good natured and pleasant person and so is trusted by others.




Scenario Number 2:

Keeping  in  mind  the  Traits  of  each  individual  you  have  sorted  out  in  the  last requirement, answer the following;

  1. 1.      Which person out of those five would be most hopeful in such critical situation, while maintaining his dignity by staying cool & calm?  Justify your answer with logics you have found from the scenario number 1.

Akram, out of the five persons, is the one who will maintain his dignity and will stay cool and calm in such critical situation. This is because he emotionally stable and is inclined towards experiencing optimistic and positive emotional states. He is an optimistic person, no hyper approach and takes less pressure. His positive emotional attitude will help him to understand the situation of the company very well. He will understand that the company is in financial crisis and therefore there is more need to stay calm and work hard for more hours with less salary

  1. 2.      Which person out of the five would be most willing to accept the proposed plan of “Salary Cutting”, instead of rising conflict among employees?  Justify your answer from the logics you have found from the scenario number 1.

Zia is the person who would be most willing to accept the proposed plan of “Salary Cutting”, instead of rising conflict among employees. This is because he is a team player and has the ability to deal with conflicts. He is considerate and patient. He will rather try to figure out the conflict rising among the employees. 

ap sub log five traits ko b separately q explain kar rahy hain wo to nahi kaha unho na



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